For simple translations (those not certified by an expert translator), we can translate from any source language to any target language, according to your needs. For certified translations, we offertranslations in the following languages: Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese and Russian, among others.

  • In Mexico, a certified translation is one which is done by an expert translator, certified by its respective State’s Supreme Court, and which guarantees that the translation is true to the original document.
  • In the United States, there is no such thing as an expert translator; however, we do certify our translations. A certified translation for the United States is either one ratified before a Notary Public, or a sworn statement from the company that ensures the translation is true to the original document.

It is important to contact the entity or authority requesting the translated document in order to confirm if a certified translation is necessary and what type of certification is required.

Remote (over the phone), consecutive, simultaneous, bilateral, whispering, and escorted.

We have a broad range of languages we are able to interpret to, as well as a variety of combinations. Share your needs with us and we will find a solution.

Those accepted as valid by the entity or authority requesting the translation.

Valid certifications in Mexico may be those endorsed by the Federal Judicial Council or by the Supreme Court of Justice of each State. The expert translator is the individual who has been granted the authority to certify the validity of thetranslations.

A translation cannot be certified twice. The certification of a document must be the one requested by the entity or authority before which the procedure is to be carried out.

Payments and Prices

We quote our services on a per-word basis, based on the original document and the costs can vary depending on the target language and the urgency with which the translation is required.

In order for us to provide an accurate quote, it is important for you to send us the documents to team@directumtranslations.com with the specific requirements of any given project, such as target language, deadline, certification requirements, among others.

Payments can be made in Mexican Pesos or United States Dollars.

Payments can be made by wire transfer, credit card, or in authorized stores (Seven Eleven and Farmacias Guadalajara).

Translation process

For EnglishSpanish, projects, we adapt to your deadline. We have the capacity to deliver same day translations.

With respect to other languages, we review each project on a case by case basis.

All changes are made through the same line of communication of the project. You can send us the request by e-mail or call, we will review and we will adjust our quote, if applicable.

The translated documents will be delivered in the same format as the source documents, unless otherwise requested.In the case of PDFs, we can send them in PDF or Word format, as required.

We accept documents in the following formats: Word, PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, .html, .xml, images or scanned documents.

If the document is in a file format not mentioned above, please ask us; we can adapt to your needs.


Our services agreement has a confidentiality clause, and if required, we can execute a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement specifically requested by our clients.

In addition, all of Directum’s staff and translators have executed a confidentiality agreement. But more important than the execution of any agreement, we must highlight that at Directum we understand the importance of confidentiality and have absolute discretion with respect to our clients’projects. 

At Directum, we seek 100% satisfaction from our customers.

Any style-change requested by the client is catered to immediately. Our team’s work and our post-sales service do not end until this is achieved. Directum obtained an ISO-9001 certification in 2019.