For simple translations (those not certified by an expert translator), we can translate from any source language to any target language, according to your needs.

  • In Mexico, a certified translation is one which is done by a Perito translator, in other words, a certified translator or an expert specialized in translations, who is endorsed by a state entity to which it belongs, and which guarantees that the translation is true to the original document. 
  • In the United States there is no such thing as a Perito translator. A certified translation is one that is ratified before a Notary Public or a statement from the company that ensures the translation is true to the original document.

It is important to contact the entity that requested the translated document in order to confirm if a certified translation is necessary and what type of certification is needed. 

Consecutive, simultaneous, video, over the phone, bilateral, whispering and escort.

We have a broad range of languages we are able to interpret to, as well as a variety of combinations.

The one the entity requesting the document accepts as valid.

Valid certifications in Mexico may be those endorsed by the Federal Judiciary Council or by the Supreme Court of Justice of each state. The perito or expert translator is granted the power to certify the validity of the translations.

Two ways to guarantee a translation is through an Affidavit, a certification obtained by a Notary Public, or with the USA certificate, which is granted by the company.

A translation cannot be certified twice. The certification of the document must be the one requested by the entity with whom the procedure is to be carried out.

Payments and Prices

We charge in a per word basis. In order to provide an accurate quote, it is important for you to send us the documents at team@directumtranslations.com specifying target language, deadline, certification, among others.

Payments can be made in Mexican pesos or American dollars in the Mexican account (Grupo Directum SC), which is ideal for Mexican clients, or in American dollars in the American account (Directum Translations LLC), ideal for clients in the United States or other parts of the world.

We have a 15-day line of credit for clients that issue an invoice under a company name. For individuals or companies that are not going to invoice, payment in advance is necessary. For other payment schemes, each case will be reviewed with the finance department. 

Payments can be made through wire transfer, credit card or check.

Translation process

For English<>Spanish, we adapt to the your deadline. We have the capacity to deliver same day translations, or the next day or whatever the required date may be. Regarding other languages, we review each case in a timely manner.

We will carry out any modification via the same project communication method. You may send us comments through email or phone call, and we will attend such needs.

The documents will be delivered in the same format as the source documents unless requested differently. In the case of PDFs, we can send them in PDF or Word format, as required.

We accept documents in the following formats: Word, PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, html, xml, images, scanned documents. If it is a file format not mentioned above, please ask us, we can adapt to your needs.


Our service contract includes a confidentiality clause and if necessary, we can also execute our client’s own confidentiality agreement. Likewise, all Directum collaborators and translators have signed a confidentiality agreements.

No. We can translate apostilles of documents, nevertheless, we do not provide apostille services.

No. Our services are translation services only to and in any language and on any subject matter.

At Directum, we seek our clients’ utmost satisfaction. Any change in style on the clients’ part is catered to immediately. Our team’s work and our post sale service does not end until we achieve such purpose.

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